Supervision for Licensure

I am a Washington State approved supervisor for clinicians that are currently seeking full licensure. I can offer supervision to Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Counselors, and Social Workers with their Associate license moving towards full licensure. Please contact me for a free consultation!

Lifespan Integration Supervison & Consultation

I offer professional supervision and consultation for therapists who use Lifespan Integration.  Consultation is appropriate for therapists of all levels - from those needing a one time case consultation, to therapists on the journey towards certification.  

As a Certified Therapist and Consultant, I can help you with both your required personal LI work and your consultation needs as you work towards certification.

I love Lifespan Integration Therapy, and am excited to share your enthusiasm for this amazing model!  

About the certification process

Here are the steps you will need to consider when becoming a Certified Lifespan Integration Therapist.  First, you will need to complete all three Lifespan Integration trainings.  Once you have completed at least level 2, you can start seeing me for certification!  As a Certified Lifespan Integration Therapist & Consultant, I am able to provide either therapy or consultation to you along your journey.  


As part of your certification, you will need your own Lifespan Integration therapy from a Certified Lifespan Integration Therapist.  This will be a minimum of 12 sessions.  Click here to schedule your appointment! 


In addition to your own therapy, you need case consultation from two Lifespan Integration Consultants for a minimum of one year as you  work with your own clients regularly using Lifespan Integration.  Click here to schedule your appointment!