Trauma & PTSD Therapy

Helping people recover from trauma and PTSD is what I have dedicated a large portion of my practice to.  I love working alongside people to heal their trauma, rather than be controlled by it.

Because trauma of all forms is stored in the body, we cannot “think” our way out of it. I can help you heal on a neurological level that lasts.

I am certified in Lifespan Integration, which is a gentle body-mind based treatment used for resolving and healing traumatic life experiences, attachment issues, and PTSD throughout the whole lifespan.  With Lifespan Integration, trauma can feel like a distant memory so you can live the life you deserve without the daily effects of trauma or PTSD. 

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I can help you with your recent or long-past traumas including:

  • Physical or emotional abuse

  • Sexual abuse and assault

  • Early and preverbal childhood abuse and/or neglect

  • In Utero or birth trauma

  • Witnessed trauma

  • Life-threatening events

  • Traumatic loss or complex grief

  • Attachment or adoption issues

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