Trauma & PTSD

Helping people recover from trauma and PTSD is what I have dedicated a large portion of my practice to.  I love working alongside people to heal their trauma, rather than be controlled by it.

 I can help you with your recent or long-past traumas including:

  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse and assault
  • Early and preverbal childhood abuse and/or neglect
  • Witnessed trauma
  • Life-threatening events 
  • Traumatic loss or complex grief
  • Family separation, divorce, or disruption 
  • Attachment or adoption issues

I am certified in Lifespan Integration, which is a gentle body-mind based treatment used for resolving and healing traumatic life experiences, attachment issues, and PTSD throughout the whole lifespan.  With Lifespan Integration, trauma can feel like a distant memory so you can live the life you deserve without the daily effects of trauma or PTSD.  Click here to see my Lifespan Integration profile.

Frequently asked questions about Lifespan Integration

"What exactly do we do with Lifespan Integration?"  We will tap into the memory of your trauma long enough to create some neurological activation.  This process does not happen for long, as we quickly move on through the "timeline" of the rest of your life to prove to your brain that the trauma is over.  At times when we re-visit the trauma, you will be allowed to "fight back" and empower and heal yourself.  This is all done with active imagination, and you are in control the whole time.

"How is re-visiting my trauma really going to help me?  Won't talking about all those bad things just make it worse?"  That is a fair concern.  And you may have already experienced that talking about it over and over again is unhelpful, or only gets you so far.  With Lifespan Integration, we are not just "talking" about the trauma.  We are using neuroscience to re-wire the brain so that the trauma no longer lives in the fight, flight, or freeze portion, but rather in the "distant memory" portion of your brain.  Once it is there, it's there forever and the way you experience your trauma will be different.

"Do I have to talk about all the details of my trauma right away?" Absolutely not.  I understand that hearing your story is an extreme privilege, not a right. I want you to get to know me, and feel fully comfortable before going into your sacredly personal story.  When this happens is different for each individual, so we go at the pace that is right for you.