I provide individual and couple counseling services to adolescents and adults in the following areas.

Trauma, Abuse & PTSD

Recent or Past Traumas including:

  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse and assault
  • Early childhood abuse and/or neglect
  • Witnessed trauma
  • Life-threatening events 
  • Attachment or adoption issues

I am trained in Lifespan Integration, which is a gentle body-mind based treatment used for resolving and healing traumatic life experiences, attachment issues, self-esteem and PTSD throughout the whole lifespan.  With Lifespan Integration, trauma can feel like a distant memory so you can live the life you deserve without the daily effects of trauma or PTSD.

You may read more on Lifespan Integration and how it works at  http://www.lifespanintegration.com

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Stress & Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety are a part of every day life, however when they become an obstacle to living your life fully it may be time to seek help.  Here you can explore your stress and anxiety in a calm, secure environment, and learn new methods of coping to reduce or manage stress & anxiety.  I work with generalized stress and anxiety, phobias, panic disorders, skin or hair picking, and OCD.


You may feel sad, hopeless, fatigued, or irritable and can't seem to "snap out of it".  Your feelings are valid.  Through counseling, we will explore your depression and help relieve the heaviness you feel and create new hope.  

Grief & Loss

Grief and loss can come in many forms - loss of a friend or loved one by death, break-up, or emotional cut-off; loss of a job or major life role; loss of health; loss of self, etc.  Counseling is a place to process your grief at your own pace, and learn how to live your fullest life possible after your loss.


Couples or Individuals are welcome to explore their relationships, how their personalities, backgrounds and learned experiences have influenced their relationship experiences and expectations, and how to set healthy boundaries and communication patterns.

College and Young Adulthood

I work with college students and young adults as they transition from their families of origin into adulthood.  Topics we can explore include:

  • Family concerns
  • Academic Stress
  • Personal Values
  • Body Image & Self-Esteem
  • Loneliness
  • Sex & Sexuality